How iron ore plays a big part in our economy

Iron ore has been the backbone of the Australian economy and many investment portfolios for much of the 21st century. In 1921, iron ore accounted for 68 per cent of Australia’s export revenue. This was the year that iron ore prices peaked at almost $US230 a tonne.i However, its growth as an export icon really … Read more

Homebuyer support to ring in the new financial year

The new financial year marks the opportunity to access a raft of support to help more people buy a home. Now is the perfect time to sort through all the national and state schemes and find the ones that are right for you. Three National Home Guarantee Schemes The National Home Guarantee Scheme (HGS) has … Read more

Keeping cashflow positive

Managing a healthy cash flow is often tough for small businesses and it is particularly the case right now in the challenging economic conditions. In this climate, recent changes to rules and regulations may both help and hinder cash flow. Here are some to keep an eye on. Minimum wage rise The Fair Work Commission’s … Read more

Making conscious the unconscious for better decisions

When you’re faced with a decision, do you trust your feelings or do you look at the situation objectively, making a careful list of pros and cons? Emotions exert a strong influence on our decisions, so it’s important to have a bit of balance between reason and emotion – particularly when it comes to the … Read more

Managing the costs of raising children

It is a special feeling to welcome a new child or grandchild into the world and watch them grow. Sharing their joy as they reach new milestones is priceless. Of course, there is a real cost – raising a child is expensive, particularly now as the cost-of-living spirals higher. Estimates vary widely from the few … Read more