Spark up your life and others by being a connector

We all know them. The people who seem to know everyone and effortlessly make connections within their network. While it’s wonderful to know a ‘connector’, we can also develop those qualities and become a connector ourselves. Maxwell Gladwell coined the phrase in his book “The Tipping Point”, describing connectors as the social equivalent of a … Read more

Returning to work after retirement

Employers are desperate for workers and cost of living pressures are making it tough to live on a pension. That’s a perfect mix of conditions to send some retirees back to work. But it’s smart to get good advice before you take the leap. With unemployment rates at historic lows and employers facing a shortage … Read more

Aged care challenges in the home

Aging at home with government-subsidised funding is made possible through the Home Care Packages program. However, a crackdown on what the funds can be used for and a shortage of support workers, can make it challenging to understand the funding available. If you are approved for a Home Care Package you will be assessed at … Read more