Riding the AI wave to make your life easier

During a period where technological developments have picked up speed, one innovation in particular wields a profound, broad-reaching impact on our lives. That innovation is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Developments in computing power, the availability of data, and the rise of machine learning algorithms are driving AI’s incredible growth to transform the way we work, live, … Read more

Investors making a comeback

During the past couple of years property investors have been less active as interest rate rises began eating into their profits. However, as 2024 begins, it’s clear more investors are returning to the real estate market. According to the ABS lending indicators report for October, new loan commitments for investors increased by 5% in one … Read more

2023 Year in Review

Australia’s economy stubbornly defied predictions during 2023, dashing any hopes that we might begin to return to some kind of normal. Some had expected an end to the Reserve Bank’s continued cash rate rises during the year. Instead, inflation has been a stubborn foe and we saw five rate rises, adding another 1.25%. But there … Read more

Out with the old in 2024…

A New Year is a chance to start afresh and move into the year ahead with confidence and optimism that it’s going to be a great one! Part of setting yourself up for a wonderful year can sometimes be letting go things in your life that are not so beneficial for you and may be … Read more